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''If you believe, it will come.''
Mina kordi

Mina Kordi is a web 3.0 female founder, public speaker, and international brand manager based in Hamburg, Germany. She holds a master’s degree in International Brand Management and has years of working experience as marketing manager in the FMCG sector in Germany. Mina’s entrepreneurial journey began when she co-founded Tracifier, a startup that leverages NFT and AR technologies to provide product transparency solutions for consumer goods, thereby driving better customer engagement. 


I am pleased to share that I have been nominated in the 𝐓𝐄𝐂𝐇 𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐠𝐨𝐫𝐲 for the #STARTERiN2023 Award in #Hamburg.

The entrepreneurship journey as a #femalefounder can be challenging yet empowering, filled with obstacles to overcome and opportunities to innovate. I am grateful for this chance to experience it, and I would be honoured to have your support and vote to keep me motivated in my startup journey.

Additionally, there are other female founders with exceptional ideas in different categories that you can vote for as well.

Vote for me: https://www.hamburg-startups.net/starterin-2023/

How can I help you:

Digital Marketing

Building digital marketing strategy in your company and set up KPIs to reach based on latest market and technology trends.

Social Media Strategy

To support startups and companies with the latest social media algorithms and trends and generate organic leads.

Brand Startegy

To strengthen the brand position in market through proper strategic planning and organization inside organizations.

Speaker at events

Speaking at events and workshops around digital marketing and branding and the usage of disruptive technology in industries.

Whether an individual, startup, or company, I'm here to help you with your digital marketing.

I am co-founder of :

A web.3 startup that offers product transparency solutions to brands for better market communication and customer trust.

A digital marketing agency located in Canada and Germany that helps companies switch their online visibility and content development.

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I help you to

Empower your Brand

My approach involves prioritizing the development of compelling, top-tier content that connects with your intended audience. By incorporating the latest digital marketing tools and trends, I work to enhance your marketing efforts within a set timeframe.


Influencer Marketing

Attention all brands! I attend and make presentations at various private and public events. By sponsoring these events, your brand can be seen at important events and exhibitions by important audiences . Also, we will mention your brand after events as a sponsor in our social media channels and email marketing for further visibility after events! 

Download my Media Kit below for further details:

on media

“Digital marketing is no longer about 'getting noticed,' it's about being remembered.”

Seth Godin

On social media 😉

@minakordi.70 At @BLOCKCHANCE , I had the opportunity to visit many friends and make new contacts. Happy to share some of their experiences and great projects with my community. Omid Mogharian from NATIX is building the largest camera network. 📸🤳 Thank you, #BLOCKCHANCE, for bringing the #web3 community together in #Hamburg ♬ original sound - Minakordi

Listen to my playlist 🙂

Selected as the top female entrepreneurs:

Mina Kordi on the top 15 concept presenter at Xathon 2020:

I am very glad to be selected on the top 15 pitches out of 70 at the #Xathon #Hackathon ( the biggest female ideation hackathon in Europe) organized by Henkel dx Ventures , GDW Global Digital Women GmbH, accelerateHER and MVP Factory.

More information: link

Learn more about Xathon: link

Mina Kordi among the 36 selected female founders in Hamburg 2021:

I am very grateful to be listed for the top 36 #femalefounders in the #HamburgStartup Community. Thank you, everyone, for nominating me and for your support. 🥰

More information: link

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my goals

to boost brand awarness

My goal is to empower brands with interactive storytelling and communication skills to meet the expectation of a bigger audience in the market, increase their brand trust and awareness, and be align with the most up-to-date digital marketing trends. To do that, we use the most up-to-date marketing tools, content marketing strategy, and communication strategy to drive organic leads to companies. I’m committed to maximizing your ROI and goals on stage or screen.

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