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I am a big believer in positivity, creativity, and the magician of believing in yourself. I am a dreamer, and I am an achiever.  After finishing my master’s program as an international brand manager I started my career in different marketing and branding departments in various companies in the FMCG industry to gain enough experiences on how to build and scale a consumer brand. 

Such a great learning journey connected me with several creative projects and I had the honour of working as a digital marketing manager, International marketing manager and strategic marketing planner, to name some.

Female founder

Following my keen interest in technology and digitalization, I always follow new technology and trends. After a period of self-education about web 3.0 technology, I started my venture ( Tracifier startup) with my co-founders in 2019. Tracifier enables brands to share transparent product information with the customer in the market, strengthening brand trust and loyalty. We are helping companies to monetize their existing supply chain data and turn them into an excellent tool for better customer engagement.

Public speaker

I love joining events and connecting with people and sharing thoughts. In this journey, I was honoured to be sponsored by several organizations for my participation and for sharing insightful ideas and knowledge. With a keen interest in communication, I have shared my insights on brand management, marketing techniques, and web 3.0 technology with over 50,000 people across the globe. I have participated in more than 200 exhibitions and events, including virtual ones. My focus is to connect with more and more brands and help them develop effective communication strategies for building reputable corporate brands and delivering profitable solutions for international business development.

Mina kordi

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